Peace of Christmas

Restful emotions
are found at the time
when Christmas comes
in its wondrous design.
So many are dreamers
praying for snow
as children lie awake
to hear that HoHoHo.
Stockings are hung
awaiting Santa Claus
in their dreams of him
their oohs and aahs.
Sentimental journeys
begin with a quest
of a time so sublime
it must be the best.
Peace of Christmas
is brought into view
as December becomes
a time so anew.
It comes with blessings
it comes with style
peaceful so peaceful
with love to compile.
Songs that are heard
that so many sing
display the blessings
the season will bring.
With hopeful desires
that come to life
the peace of Christmas
can end all strife.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 4,  2019

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