Passing Views

Points of time
begin a quest
that of a stage
their very best.
Passing by us
the views become
dreamful scenes
second to none.
Sights we pass
are often found
on later dates
we come around.
Christmas scenes
a snow filled yard
on passing views
a Christmas card.
Our life inlaid
in a photograph
a time and place
of minutes past.
Winter reflects
a Christmas door
opening wide for
eyes to explore.
That of dreams
that come alive
helping hearts
to then survive.
We might not see
each passing sight
the times of life
of day to night.
Just like many
that only find
sadness within
any point of time.
Look on beyond
the dismal news
and find a smile
in passing views.
©By Bill Pearce
Jan 2,  2020

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