Old Time Memories

Back in the day
when snow was not seen
Christmases were still
the best of a dream.
Those times long ago
we drove to and fro
on Christmassy nights
with lights without snow.
We drove everywhere
that lights would gleam
those old time memories
now but a dream.
Scented with Christmas
and love in the air
we drove around town
with a Christmassy flair.
Songs on the radio
were so full of cheer
as they played on and on
this time of the year.
Christmastime ballads
with joyful  inlays
singing of Frosty
those Christmassy days.
Sounds would echo
as Heaven and Earth
the sweetest to hear
of Jesus Christ's birth.
The music would waft
as a sweet ocean breeze
songs about Christmas
old time memories.
©By Bill Pearce
Aug 29,  2017

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