Midmorning Christmas

Crispness in the air
of a wintertime's day
brings forth emotions
of a Christmassy way.
Midmorning glimmers
of a seasonal hue
displays the fractions
of a wonderful view.
A moment of grandeur
as a season's delight
becomes a dream world
for time to ignite.
It may seem as a story
of a wintertime tale
as morning's arrival
and snowflakes set sail.
You might find a dream
that becomes so real
midmorning Christmas
that moments reveal.
Scented as snowflakes
and pictured as bliss
tinted of morning
with a wintertime kiss.
Life begins moving
as the day's begun
bringing the glimmers
of a seasonal sun.
This is but a story
that a picture displays
midmorning Christmas
of wintertime's days.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 5,  2018

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