Lost Within Winter

Within our footsteps
we might find flow
seasons of flurry
seasons of snow.
The time might be
as a clock on a wall
ticking in essence
the things we recall.
Seeming as an ocean
the snow flows on
lost within winter
until it is gone.
So find your footing
in snowy white trails
and find perspective
that joyful exhales.
You might find signs
of Christmassy sights
blowing in the wind
the days and nights.
The snow flakes fall
creating their styles
flowing as a dream
as each one compiles.
Doorways will open
unleashing dreams
seeming so timeless
as Christmas scenes.
Look then and find
life front and center
and locate blessings
lost within winter.
©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27,  2019

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