Light of Day

With the arrival of snow
in a scenery glance
time brings to mind
what snowflakes enhance.
A pageant of feelings
displays with a cue
a Christmastime day
with a magical view.
Many miss moments
that lifetimes explore
choosing not to see
what they may adore.
Within the light of day
comes a radiant sight
a time that enhances
with snow of white.
Thoughts become life
as a scene displays
the Christmastime view
of wintertime's days.
Don't be one to miss it
the sight so sublime.
Take time for a view
of the seasons design.
Snowflakes of Christmas
have a special chemistry
that brings to life love
in the things that we see.
Look beyond greediness
and look for a way
to find joy in Christmas
in the light of day.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 5,  2018

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