Light Of Christmas

White snow glistens
in evenings light
as that of Christmas
when seeking the sight.
Evenings shadows
are found to be
as the arrangements
for seekers to see.
Just like a story,
a Christmas design
the light shines brightly
in a moment's mind.
Children are dreaming
of Santa in flight
found in his journey
on Christmas eve night.
The light of Christmas
lives now forevermore
as a sweet memory
with snowflakes to soar.
Time is of magic
when found in the eyes
of Children dreaming
of a Christmas surprise.
The season's reflections
are found on display
in children's heartbeats
in snow Christmas day.
Moment's of grandeur
exists on their mind,
the light of Christmas
that is so divine.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 8,  2017

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