Life's Memories

The seasons change
leaving times details
so many memories
that our life exhales.
Breathing in essence
of a season's array
life becomes echoed
in a magical way.
Seeming as a dream
of a wondrous design
with life's memories
of a so distant time.
Strolling in the snow
of a winter's cuisine
a time might portray
a Christmas scene.
Formed as a breath
we breathed long ago
as an echo of time
in Christmas snow.
Seeming as illusions
we may look twice
to see if the moment
is heavens device.
 It might be a place
that still lives inside
as echoes of time
that scenes applied.
Focus on good times
and then believe
while looking back
on life's memories.
©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24,  2020

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