Inside Serenity

Glimpses of shadows
of a time long ago
become as serenity
a time within snow.
A Christmassy past
that lives on and on
as a time without end
of a mornings dawn.
It's as winter billows
with scenes fluffy white
glimpses of shadows
that live day and night.
They form such a scene
with Christmassy flair
deep inside serenity
and filled with fresh air.
A breath of Christmas
becomes as a glance
a scene so pristine
as snowflakes dance.
While ones are sitting
right near a fireplace
they look out and see
that wintertime face.
A sight they remember
a sight that rings true
as blessings of Christmas
are found within view.
This becomes a story
of a great sight to see
as peace comes knocking
inside serenity.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31,  2018

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