Illusions Begin

Cascading scenery
as winter and times
begins an illusion
that a dreamer finds.
Maybe a snowscape
or twigs thereunto
decide the perception
of a moments view.
It could be a version
of Christmas to see
as illusions begin
with a Christmas tree.
Yet with the minutes
that gather around
the illusions may be
what truth has found.
Time is the factor
of a Christmassy glow
not just an illusion,
but of billows of snow.
Moments might hide
mere whispers of love
found in the twigs
as a small turtle dove.
There might be trees
with a Christmas feel
scented of winter
a time so surreal.
So don't stop looking
where illusions begin,
for they may be magic
for time to transcend.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 19,  2018

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