Home For The Holidays

Living through perceptions
and seeing only gray
might conclude the passing
of just another day.
Let the seasons blessings
to unlock a point of view
one that is so wondrous
and that can live in you.
Don't let the sorrow thrive
and become all you see
for there are many things
that God gave you and me.
Yet we must look truly
and not just hypnotize
our visions that of sadness
that's only for our eyes.
Search and find the beauty
that's in a breath of air
the seasons that of joyful
and answers to our prayer.
Often we might struggle
to find a smile of time,
but rest assured it lives in
a moment's own design.
The blessings often near us
are maybe hard to see,
for they are well hidden
behind some slight debris.
You might find a smile
hidden behind some grays
if you look within you
home for the holidays.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31,  2019

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