God Lives Within

As a home stands firm
in a snow covered ground
God lives within it
and all there around.
Yet there are many that
push Him away
and leave Him outside
their day after day.
Ones cold perception
and times empty heart
makes life a doorway
for Hell to impart.
Some within Christmas
will often lose sight
of what that the season
should shine so bright.
The love for The Father
and His only Son
that helps us in struggles
before they've begun.
Life might have burdens,
but it also has prayer
with blessings arrival
of God's love and care.
Allow for the moments
to become better still
leaving all the sadness
on yesterday's hill.
Life is but a journey
for us to begin
and find in our hearts
that God lives within.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 7,  2018

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