Five Minute Peppermints

There are so many recipes for peppermints that it's difficult to choose, but here's a recipe that is reliable. It is a little harder to make these candies for the first time as there are so many things to remember, but when we learn the knack of it, they are very easy.

The materials needed are:
1 cup of white sugar
1/4 cup of boiling water
1/8 teaspoon of cream of tartar
6 drops of peppermint extract
and a bit of colouring paste.

First make the fondant. Put the sugar and water in a pan over the fire, stirring constantly until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved. Remove the spoon and do not stir again while it is boiling.

When the syrup first boils, add the cream of tartar. This cuts the grain and helps to keep it creamy. Before it boils, quickly wipe the sides of the pan with a cloth or brush dipped in hot water. Every particle of the sugar must be melted before the syrup beings to boil, and it is important that no sugar grains remain as it will make the fondant gritty.

Cover the pan, as the steam formed will help wash down the side of the pan. Let the syrup boil five minutes or until the thermometer reads 240 degrees F. Never stir or shake the syrup while boiling.

Remove from the fire, and when cool, beat until creamy. With a dropper, add 6 drops of peppermint oil flavouring and the colouring matter, which may be purchase in small tubes.

Drop in small round-shaped pieces from tip of spoon onto waxed paper or a marble slab. Do not distub until the drops are hard and look dull on the top. The colouring matter isn't necessary. They are just as good white, but more attractive if coloured pink or light green.

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