Feliz Navidad

With scents of winter
and snow of white
the season displays
a Christmassy sight.
Some dream of magic
as some look away
as essence of Christmas
comes closer each day.
Some in their greetings
say feliz Navidad
and others might say
that sounds a bit odd.
Some in their judgment
look down on a few
that say Merry Christmas
to me and to you,
but there are still many
that say it with love
either Spanish or English
the essence thereof.
So find in your heart now
the way to paraphrase
wordings for Christmas
in the merriest ways.
So say it in a heartfelt
truth from within
a Christmassy greetings
with love to transcend.
For either way it's said
it's a gift from God
merry Christmas friends
or feliz Navidad.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 22,  2018

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