Essence of Winter

Smoke from chimneys
sway in the breeze
while ones inside
are decorating trees.
The essence is beheld
as a seasonal sight
winter to Christmas
within snow of white.
Inside of ones homes
is a dream come true
as essence of winter
is how the wind blew.
Blowing snowflakes
as a joyful game
bringing us glimmers
times to attain.
A Christmastime feel
so joyfully unfurled
found as many sing
Joy To The World.
Christmas blessings
are a work of art
as children go to bed
awaiting its start.
The moments pass by
as a flash of time
while ones dream on
of the greatest design.
A design from a time
the began with love
as essence of winter
shines from above.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 23,  2019

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