Envisioning Christmas

White as a memory
scenes come and go
times we remember
smiles that we know.
Envisioning Christmas
in a scenic detail
brings alive doorways
snowflakes set sail.
A time passing by us
that displays a view
awakening portions
of a dream come true.
Envisioning a moment
that's clear to see
a time we remember
in our history.
Driving in the country
just looking around
seeing many things
as snowflakes fall down.
A Christmas recital
that begins with a phase
a moment envisioned
of some magical days.
Such as a snowscape
a Christmassy sight
or a wintertime feeling
that you so delight.
Envisioning Christmas
as a wonderful time
can then unlock it
inside of your mind.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 8,  2018

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