Embarking Winter

Traveling journeying
down cold snowy roads
delivers the impact
of smiles by the loads.
Christmas type views
with a wintery style
embarking journeys
with a glistening smile.
Wintertime's memoirs
are so timelessly found
within our emotions
as snow on the ground.
Living as our dreams
that moments unlock
hearts found blissful
as season's time clock.
Steadfast with prayer
for wintertime dreams
as seasons we remember
with the magical scenes.
Created as heartbeats
with pulsating times
Christmas unleashes
its wondrous designs.
Some maybe shining
and some then at peace
showing the artwork
of Heaven's release.
Blessings that become
as life front and center
Christmastime scenes
when embarking winter.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31,  2019

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