Early Winter

Driving through stages
of wintertime's view
displays many sights
with an essence of blue.
The sky is inviting
my eyes to perceive
all of the clouds
that winter did weave.
In a web of winter
comes scene's delight
the beginning of times
all covered in white.
As an early winter
comes in with a task
it brings many moments
remembered from past.
Just like a life's novel
that writers enhance
winter is emotions
as a song and dance.
Often as snowflakes
begin with a style
life brings alive then
a Christmastime smile.
A time in early winter
with its own cup of tea
flavored with snowflakes
that so many see.
Yet many people
only see in their dreams
a time of early winter
with white snowy scenes.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 14,  2018

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