Dreaming Of Winter

Life worth living
is a snow covered day
filled with expressions
of a winter display.
Christmas in the makings
with house in the snow
dreaming of winter
shows wintertime's flow.
Scented with flavors
of cookies and pie
Christmas becomes as
snowflakes that fly.
Then as the snowflakes
land on the ground
children seen playing
will roll snow around.
Building a snowman
to become a great view
dreaming of winter
is what I now do.
Thinking of the scenes
that come into sight
as the snow billows
what all I delight.
Even in the darkness
of a nighttime moon
the snow comes to life
with a silvery spoon.
It dips down a sight
in nighttime to glimmer
and this is what I see
when dreaming of winter.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20,  2018

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