Dreaming Awake

Wonderful moments
I now remember
a Christmas essence
within December.
A time on my mind
a sentimental flame
that burns brightly
as a dream to attain.
A time is awakened
by glimmers of snow
and those memories
of Santa's HoHoHo.
Thinking of the lights
of red, blue and green
seen upon the trees
as a Christmas theme.
Helping ones dream
of a wonderful place
a dreamer's dream
with a timeless face.
Looking for windows
of moments in time
scenes may expose
a place which to find.
Winter brings to life
a stage of desire
a page from a time
that you admire.
A blissful memory
heartbeats partake
now but a moment
as dreaming awake.
©By Bill Pearce
July 15,  2021

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