Distant Minds

Belief in a snowflake
a field might grow
becoming so distantly
moments to sow.
Planted as seedlings
thoughts are alive
waiting for memories
to then so arrive.
Distantly seeming
a time might display,
yet be a moment
that's nearer today.
A Christmassy scene
a dream of skies
scented of snowflakes
life of surprise.
Christmastimes magic
performing a style
essence of living
times to compile.
It's like pure Heaven
a time to be seen
textured with blessings
poured as a dream.
So many memories
begin in a way
as that of blossoms
of snowflakes array.
Don't forget people
the wonderful times
smiles of a moment
within distant minds.
©By Bill Pearce
Mar 2,  2019

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