Cuisine of Winter

Yarns of a story
can create views
scenes of things
that times infuse.
Just like a cuisine
it's a tasty treat
 times envisioned
that many repeat.
Unfolding scenes
someone conceived
a cuisine of winter
might be believed.
It might be a form
as just a thought
a minute's time
that might be not.
Many conclusions
might just become
the sound of words
as a beating drum.
Rhythmic emotions
of a time and place
become a cuisine
of a smiling face.
Seen as emotions
so timelessly true
so many memories
might live in you.
Some as shadows
a Christmas style
a cuisine of winter
minutes compile.
Poured out as life
flowing like wine
some becomes as
life in the mind.
Then it is found
front and center
a season of joy
cuisine of winter.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 16,  2019

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