Clearing Paths

The wintery mixtures
of seasons designs
brings us concoctions
of seasonal minds.
As ones clear paths
for lifetimes bestowed
many will discover
a track or a road.
Christmassy doorways
unlocked for a tour
as ones clearing paths
for a lifetimes allure.
Seeking for Christmas
as minutes tick on
ones clearing paths
might start up a song.
Sung that of harmony
with a Christmassy feel
textured of snowflakes
so white and surreal.
Look deep within you
and find you a glow
a scene as a dream
in Christmastime snow.
Just like a train track
our pathways unfold
some that of Christmas
a season like gold.
It displays blessings
of the future and past
a time of Jesus Christ
then clearing paths.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 27,  2019

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