Christmas To Remember

I have sweet memories
times that I recall
a season of snowflakes
that gracefully fall.
Children were playing
in the snow fluffy white
as I now remember
this wonderful sight.
It seemed that of magic
as minutes ticked on
becoming as a dream
that seemed as a song.
The moments faded,
but live in photographs
a Christmas to remember
that went by too fast.
I reach out with dreams
and a hopeful desire
to rekindle the moments
with all their entire.
The season was alive
with laughter and love
with children playing
as a gift from above.
Watching the children
on a snow filled day
gave me a heartbeat
of a magical way.
These are the moments
I see in December
the echoes of blessings
Christmas to remember.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 22,  2019

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