Christmas Morning

It was a night to remember
with snow on the ground
sights of pure splendor
and love all around.
A child stayed up late
on a Christmas eve night
to attempt to hear Santa
on his magical flight.
He heard some jingling
from the roof up above
then looked out the window
with eyes full of love.
He wanted to go outside,
but went back to bed
and listened real closely
to hear what Santa said.
He heard the cracking whip
and jingling of bells
 as he bid them goodbye
in his Christmas farewells.
The child listened closer
to try then to hear
the sound of old Santa
and all his reindeer.
The child went to sleep
and dreamed of the night
the time he stayed up late
to hear Santa's flight.
Then Christmas morning
he awoken with glee
and ran down the stairs
to the Christmas tree.
He searched for presents
from old Santa Claus
as he joyfully gave him
a Christmas applause
This is just a story
about a child's delight
found Christmas morning
after Christmas eve night.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 5,  2018

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