Christmas Journey

Beyond what is seen
a journey may begin
scented of snowflakes
of time and again.
A Christmastime theme
that is billowy white
might display seasons
of Christmas delight.
Trees all glistening
snow on their limbs
as that of a painting
that winter transcends.
Then as the days pass
our heartbeats appear
textured of snowflakes
and Santa's reindeer.
Maybe of a mixture
of a song that we sing
on a Christmas journey
and snowflakes to cling.
Holding on tightly
to the branches thereof
life becomes photos
of the Heaven sent love.
A photographers view
of this wonderful seen
is a time he'll remember
as blessings supreme.
For he then discovered
the seasons delight
on a Christmas journey
from day unto night.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 17,  2018

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