Christmas Cake

Godey's Lady's Book 1862

Sometimes recipes were in written as verses.

To two pounds of flour, well sifted, unite
Of loaf-sugar, ounces sixteen;
Two pounds of fresh butter, with eighteen fine eggs,
And four pounds of currants washed and clean;
Eight ounces of almonds well blanched and cut small,
The same weight of citron sliced;
Of orange and lemon-peal candied one pound,
And a gill of pale brandy uniced;
A large nutmeg grated:exact half an ounce
Of allspice, but only a quarter
Of mace, coriander, and ginger well ground,
Or pounded to dust in a mortar,
An important addition is cinnamon, which
Is better increased than diminished;
The fourth of an ounce is sufficient.  Now this
May be baked for good hours till finished.
Makes about 24 lbs.

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