As Children Play

On high snow mounds
of white fallen snow
I could hear laughing,
it was beginning to grow.
The season of winter
had brought into view
some children playing
in the snow peekaboo.
Hiding deep in the snow
they'd pop up and smile
tossing some snowballs
that they did compile.
While they were playing
our little dog grinned
watching and waiting
for a time to contend.
He wanted to play then
while I watched them too
on this Christmassy day
of a seasonal view.
It seemed as if magic
the snow falling down
as it piled up quickly
in mounds on the ground.
The kids were laughing
and having some fun
on this magical day
that was second to none.
So as I took pictures
of that wonderful day
I relived Christmastime
as children play.
©By Bill Pearce
May 19,  2018

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