Anticipating Christmas

Waiting and watching
seeking for a sight
of Santa and reindeer
real early in flight.
Thinking that old Santa
may of flew to the sky
to get an early start
with a gleam is his eye.
Seeking to get it done
earlier than before
the chimney climbing
going door to door.
Our two dogs waited
while searching around
to see Santa Claus
with his jingling sound.
Looking high and low
with puppy dog eyes
seeking for old Santa
up high in the skies.
Yet they both waited
and pondered of a view
that of their owner
that seemed Santa too.
He has a loving heart
and a beard of gray
with red suit like Santa
of a Christmas array.
He was also real jolly
and real big and round,
anticipating Christmas
old Santa they found.
©By Bill Pearce
July 7,  2020

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