Ages of a Candle

Perceived as Christmas
a candle might glow
in the windows of life
with wintertime's snow.
You might not see it
as its wick flutters light
found within a window
a Christmastime sight.
It might hold a flame
as a burning desire
as the ages of a candle
and story of a fire.
The candle might begin
as just a little time,
but then speak louder
as it shows its design.
The ages of a candle
can be hidden in style
formed as a perception
of times that compile.
Your sight might miss
the flame that it burns
and only see shadows
of all that it discerns.
Look now in windows
and find within a flame
the peace of a moment
that a candle can attain.
It can begin a journey
as the turn of a handle
entering into the light
of ages of a candle.
©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2020

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