Afternoon's Past

Latent memories
fall to the side
leaving a display
of a down hill ride.
The sun fades away
leaving little light
as afternoon's past
sinks out of sight.
It seems as a recital
Christmas to come
afternoon's past
and its sinking sun.
Snow laden scenes
as a tasty treat
a sight so magical
time can't compete.
It becomes a story
a Christmas delight
as ones remember
a distinctive sight.
A journey with snow
in a Christmassy way
gets better each time
in its own display.
Afternoon's past
of a seasonal style
transforms sadness
to a heartfelt smile
and then that smile
reflects on others
mothers and sisters
fathers and brothers.
This is a moment
that times transform
an afternoon's past
to new days born.
Bringing alive hearts
that once were aghast
Christmastime scenes
in afternoon's past.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 14,  2018

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