A Child's View

When winter's upon us
with tons full of snow
time displays children
with hearts all aglow.
Their view is a dream
of which they can feel
as a time on a mound
of a snow laden hill.
Inside of their minds
are scenes of style
the times that awaken
as snowflakes compile.
The magic is a blessing
that comes from the skies
as it floats from Heaven
to land in their eyes.
A child's view is sweet
as a blessing of time
found as a painting
inside of their mind.
Christmas is a moment
that they can find dreams
wanting old Santa
to bring many things.
A child plays happily
in cold Christmas snow
waiting for the day
for time to bestow.
Dreaming of old Santa
in the nights thereunto
as Christmas enhances
to show a child's view.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 7,  2018

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